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​​​​​​This website is for anyone in Kentucky that wants to know how to conveniently find naloxone, the drug used to reverse opioid overdose​​.

You can also learn about how to respond when an overdose occurs and how people at risk for overdose ​can stay safer.

People looking for Syringe Service Programs can find ​those resources ​locally.

​​ There are lots of different ways to use the ​ naloxone locator!

  • You can simply zoom in on the map.
  • You can enter your city or zip code.
  • You can select your county in the drop down window.

The grey, blue, purple, and green pins are programs that offer naloxone free of charge.
These may be Community-Based Organizations, Local Health Department Harm Reduction Programs, Recovery Community Centers or Regional Prevention Centers.

The red pins are retail ​pharmacies that have naloxone available for purchase over the counter.
Learn how to use the Kentucky Naloxone Copay Program that covers up to $45 for one naloxone purchase per month.

​​​Call the Never Use Alone hotline at 1-877-696-1996 toll-free for prevention, ​​detection, life-saving crisis response and medical intervention services for people who use drugs ​while alone. Never Use Alone’s peer operators are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a ​​year.

​​​​No. There are no statutes in Kentucky that require training when over-the-counter (OTC) naloxone is dispensed to members of the general public.

KRS 15.291 outlines guidelines for pharmacists providing training in the use of naloxone and other opioid antagonists.

  • These guidelines DO NOT apply to agencies or community-based organizations that distribute naloxone.
  • However, training can be important part of helping people feel ready to give naloxone when it’s needed. Training resources are available under the How Do I Use Naloxone? tab.

​​Yes! You may use our mail order form to order​ naloxone ​through the mail!

​​The Kentucky Naloxone Copay Program​ covers up to $45 for one naloxone purchase every 30 days. Not all products are covered at C​VS pharmacies.

​Yes! Medicaid benefits cover the cost of 1 naloxone kit every 30 days.​

​The SAMHSA Overdose Prevention and Response toolkit is a great resource for accurate and up-to-date information.

The CDC Drug Overdose landing page​ provides even more comprehensive and detailed information and links to data ​resources and prevention tools.

​Use this form to request ​inclusion​.